Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life n Death!

~Photographed by: Shashank~
wet as life,
dry as death,
be it evil,
or be it Seth!
cry in the sand,
and sing in the snow,
here I come and here I go!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coffee with life...

chiming wind
rhyming silence
beating heart
dreaming mind
resting soul
ceasing while
every dusk
every night
lonely tunes
and a coffee with life...

The extra marital...

Rays of hope...

Abondoned spirit
abondoned will
dark days
binding ropes
holding tight
breathing desire
the porous path
and rays of hope...

Red - the color of life...

Grey destiny
yellow fate
blackening hope
pulse's dead
fill with colors
in the beaming shade
paint me green
paint me red...

Beautiful beads...

The ingenous soul...

The intangible aura...

Battling blocks
bounds so far
leaping ahead
fighting scars
intangible soul
the intangible aura…

The unfinished thought...

Black and white
all I could sight
crude and wrought
the unfinshed thought...

Long way to go...

Volute path
ambiguous life
as long as you know
it's a long way to go...

Destitute life...

Life's mown
every dusk
it's falling dawn
the agitated jive
of the destitute life...

Chilli and the evil eye...